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Everything You Need To Know

For Your Tattoo Appointment


- No one under aged (18+) This includes children.

- Please do not disturb the other artists as they work, especially if they have headphones on. 

- We are a smoke free/liquor free premises. Smokers may take smoke breaks out front and all cigarettes may be disposed in the metal container by the front door.

- Try to refrain from any pharmaceutical drugs 48hrs prior to your appointment

- No tattoos can be done while pregnant or breastfeeding.

- ALL SALES ARE FINAL. There will be no refunds on any purchases made at Tenfold Tattoo Gallery, nor any deposits for appointments. 


       What To Expect

- Bring water and snacks! Especially if it is an all day appointment. 

- Please bring clothing that accommodates the area getting tattooed. We are open concept with no private rooms. Nipple pasties are supplied for under boob/rib tattoos

- Designs are finalized the day of your tattoo. They are not drawn up prior. This avoids wasted time if the design isn't the right size or style of your liking. This process is not part of your tattoo time or cost.

- Upon arrival you will sit and discuss placement, size, and then choose your design with your artist. Design time and stencil time can take about 30-45 minutes or longer for a full day session. As well as another 20-30 minutes for your stencil to dry once applied to the skin.  






ALL DAY PARKING is located along Pine St. and you can get there off Trinity St. 

Most staff Downtown park there. You will see many cars parked with no signs regarding time limits. 
Please be aware of parking signage, they will ticket you!

If you are getting a tattoo that is only a couple of hours, there is a 3 Hr lot on West Railway St. Across from Karls Meats and Sound Of Music.

Parking in downtown Kelowna is all metered. The maximum you can park somewhere is 3 hours.

If you require more parking we suggest parking behind our building , NOT in the reserved spots as those belong to another building. (You will get towed)

On St. Paul Street behind our building you can access an open parking lot monitored by ImPark and rent daily parking for 8-12$ There are other lots around if you're okay with walking but these are the closest parking locations.

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